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Democracy works when citizens freely exchange ideas in a way that serves the public good. The members of this community feel that this imperative requirement for our society to remain free has become far more difficult and rare than is sustainable. The members of this community expressed a desire for a forum to hear the honest thoughts of those whose perspectives were well founded, and yet still different from their own.

As a result, they have decided to come together to attempt to form a new community that is experimental in nature.

The goal of this experiment, much like the experiment that gave rise to democracy millennia ago, is to create a space where even amidst the many causes of strife in our political discourse, thoughtful people of wonderous variety can come together and share views while gaining understanding for those of others in an environment of earnest sincerity.

To do this, a community unlike any other that exists on the internet has been created. A community based on the idea that intelligent thought, no matter how diverse, is beneficial, fascinating, and is to be respected.

You are invited to take a look at this community. Please do. In the near future we will update this page with information about how you can join, learn from, and share with other members.

We're not sure when the community will become more open. Please check back soon for more information.

Thank you for your visit,

Wherever three people are present, one of them will build a bar so that the other two shall have a place to argue.

Other changes are coming very quickly when we get around to it.